Having done work on commercial and residential interiors, I consider my approach to be a mix of bold monochromatic symmetry and carefully calculated injections of colour. Several years spent at the iconic Swiss design house Vitra have certainly left their mark on my work, giving it a minimalist, yet warm angle. My admiration for mid-century giants like Charles & Ray Eames, Jean Prouve, Isamu Noguchi, to name a few, is another influence that will probably stay with my work forever. Having been fortunate to work with some remarkable clients, I've developed a simple approach: to act as an interpreter of their great ideas, to channel them, bring them to life. In my work I rely on refined luxury mixed with concepts that I call bold and brave - an approach that's impossible to characterise as one specific expression. Instead, I build on a combination of instinctive understanding of space and a careful interplay of texture and colour. In the end, the designer is a medium, a voice for the client's ideas, their channel of expression - they conceive the idea and I make it come to life.